About Us

JSC „InterVilža“, founded in 1992, as a production company has been operating since already 1935's. Initially, it was an artfact, which manufactured plastic combs and buttons, then after the factory has expanded and connected the other companies to it, there has been founded an association „Neringa“, which was famous for its plastic toys. Through the association‘s break up during the process of privatization there was founded a company „InterVilža“.

Currently, the company's activity range: balionas2
  • WPC (wood-plastic composite) profiles production with brand name InoWood©: terraces, siding, fencing.
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride) profiles. The main products - plastic decoration cladding both external and internal decoration, company has been producing for since 1998. Used in the production high quality raw materials only.
  • Technical plastic profiles. Contract manufacturing of custom multi-purpose technical profiles („manufacturing production“). Many years experience of company‘s technologists and designers have the capacity to carry out any orders for custom profiles.
  • Recycling of PVC windows.
  • Construction and building of extrusion toolling. We perform metal erosion works with EDM „Agie“ (wire - Ø 0,15-0,25 mm, max. height<256 mm).
We are looking for profiles production customers from anywhere in the world. If your company uses plastic profiles of any shape, we can become your reliable partners.
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