Decoration cladding for your home

„InterVilža“ produces plastic panels (PVC decoration cladding) intended for both internal and external wall finishes. We offer a wide assortment of colors, all required mounting profiles.
 We are producing plastic panels (PVC cladding) for both residential and nonresidential premises:
  • sanitation (toilets, bathrooms) zones;
  • offices and halls;
  • corridors;
  • garages, cellars, balconys;
  • shops, warehouses and so on.
Plastic facing boards (PVC facing boards) are particularly advisable in wet rooms, old wooden houses, farmsteads, cottages renovation.
„InterVilža" ensures that a high quality raw materials are used in the production, releasing a high quality product in competition with other manufacturers products.
The advantages of company‘s produced plastic facing boards:
  • resistance to weathering: humidity, temperature changes, UV rays;
  • extensive fields of use;
  • belongs to a group of hard-combustible materials (does not support combustion);
  • durability: do not rot, rust, crack, crumble, rip, slit, stain;
  • quick, easy, dry and clean installed;
  • easily maintained.
Main „Intervilža“ products:
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