Decoration cladding - 10 cm

Plastic (PVC) decoration cladding (10 cm wide) are useful for the internal and external decoration. Normally boards are produced in three lengths (3.00, 6.00). By the request of the client we produce a special length boards.

PVC decoration cladding for external decoration (width - 10 cm, length - 3.00 or 6.00 m)

Code Name Color example
1000-01 Milk color  
1000-02 Ice color  
1000-14 Cacao color  

PVC decoration cladding for internal decoration (width - 10 cm, length - 3,00; 6,00 m)

Code Name Color example
1001-01 Milk color  
1001-02 Ice color  
1001-14 Cacao color  
1001-10 Dark brown  

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